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Kundan Chhabra
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How to be Lucky 12/16/2010
We all know people who are just 'lucky', who have it made, who live awesome lives. What makes them different? This was a question the British researcher Richard Wiseman wondered.  These were the traits he found in them: "They are skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, create self-fulfilling prophecies via positive expectations, and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good."
In one experiment, Wiseman asked two groups of people - one who described themselves as generally lucky and one who said they were generally unlucky - to count the number of photographs in a newspaper. The unlucky spend several minutes flipping through and counting the photos. The lucky people got it in a few seconds. How?




Well, it is very simple. On page 2 of the newspaper was written the following words in bold headlines: "Stop Counting! There are Exactly 54 Photographs in the Newspaper!" :) :) :) The unlucky people just did as they were told and had this tunnel vision and so never saw that headline. The lucky people, who were always on the look-out for unexpected good fortune, easily found the headline - and stopped counting! :) :) :)

Isn't that amazing?
The Wright Brothers were laughed at when they said man could fly. Well they did! Look at this video of their milestone:

Since then, for many decades, we have had big airplanes that fly hundreds of people all at once:

But look how far we have come! We can actually almost fly like the birds now! Yup. That's right! We can fly at 100 mph without any machinery! Watch the exciting video below to see what I mean:

Yup! So inspiring, isn't it? So in terms of your own self-empowerment, what are you going to do today that you think is impossible? What small action are you going to take to achieve your big, 'impossible' dreams? Isn't it time we start ditching the self-improvement seminars and start living, start creating and start having fun? Yes, get help to help you see your blind spots - and start giving, contributing, creating, smiling, laughing, hugging, kissing and loving! Go be free as a bird - jump into the beautiful landscapes of your dreams and have that adventure the child in you always wanted! And touch your heart, caress it and SMILE!!! :) :) :) I love you, I celebrate you and I believe in you! And it's not just me! Many other people believe in you too! Watch the video below to see what I mean:

Get the best help you can get with your blind spots here: http://www.divineopenings.com/cmd.php?af=1242612
It is truly the end of seeking and the beginning of living! Enjoy! :) :) :)
Using this simple way, you can find out:

1. What food to eat at a buffet line or restaurant

2. What clothes to wear right now to go out 

3. How to improve the quality of your relationships

4. How to decide what's the next step to take

5.How to Measure the Quality of Your Thoughts and thus Feel Better

What Food to Eat?

Your body is a magnificent instrument of highly sensitive energy receptors. Believe it or not, you can run your hand six inches over the food in a buffet line, and without touching it, feel whether it is of benefit to eat that right now. You can even do  something similar with food that is not right in front of you when deciding what food to eat from the menu at a restaurant - first, go into neutral and imagine what it feels like to not eat anything right now. Next, imagine eating one of your choices, and see how your body responds to it, how you feel. Then go back to neutral again. Next, imagine eating the other choice and see how your body responds to that. Now, you know. Please try this this week and comment below on your experience.

What Clothes to Wear?

When picking out what clothes to wear or when you are thinking of buying from a store, you can also put your hand six inches out in front of the clothes, and without touching it, feel whether it is of benefit to you to wear that right now.

How to Improve the Quality of Your Relationships

When you are with another person, if you will stop listening to what you are thinking and begin listening to what you are feeling, the quality of your communication with that person will sky-rocket - as will the quality of the relationship itself.

How to Decide What's the Next Step to Take

When you are confused and perplexed and looking for answers, if you will just turn off the part of you that desperately wants to figure things out and turn on the part of you  that knows it has access to every answer - if you will stop trying to decide what to do and start choosing what you wish to be - you will find dilemmas dissolving and solutions appearing magically right in front of your face.

How to Measure The Quality of Your Thoughts and Thus Feel Better

As for measuring the vibes of thoughts and feelings, there are very few people who cannot tell you whether they are feeling light or heavy about thinking or saying something. Most people can access this very quickly. I know! I know! Very few people ever do! Very few people get in touch with their feelings before thinking or saying something. Very few people even do it afterward. If you did this, you would allow yourself to be satisfied by nothing less than lightness. You would have nothing to do with anything that has heavy vibes. You would seek to lighten the vibration of everything that you observe, create, experience, and express. So, you be the change you want to see in the room! And start feeling into your body at every moment when you are thinking anything and before saying anything - if you don't feel good, don't say it, or change your thought. If that doesn't work, just drop the thought, and just feel into your body, let your feeling flow through you without resistance - what you resist persists. What you embrace and feel fully, disappears.

Source: "Home with God in a Life that Never Ends" by Neale Donald Walsch

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If I ask my Intuition or Heart or God, I will find there is an exact, perfect number that I can charge people for my products and services. This number is so wonderful it is more than my fears and less than my greed. What fears? My fears such as unworthiness, people unwilling or unable to pay what I ask for. It is more than my fears and so I feel fulfilled, appreciated and most importantly HONORED in charging this amount. And so I don't feel resentful or undercharged. It is less than my greed and so people who pay feel that they underpaid me, or that I have been really generous or that I gave them more value than they paid for, and so they feel totally satisfied too! :) :) :)
Watch this video to find out what it is. Do this daily for 90 days or more.
After watching the above video, don't be surprised if you start feeling lighter and even feeling joy, and you start laughing for no reason like the woman in this video: Click play to watch that also!
For more info on the above videos, click here: http://www.divineopenings.com/cmd.php?af=1242612
7 Ways to Get Free Stuff! Click on the video to learn!  ‎"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who canot learn, unlearn, and relearn." Alvin Toffler, futurist
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Here's why I don't recommend having a business card.

1. People throw them away anyway
2. We tend to give away thousands of cards to thousands of people and not actually listen.
3. The people who receive the cards also feel us not listening and they may not actually be listening themselves.
4. Our contact information may not even be saved and we may not even be remembered.

Here's my alternative:

Ask for the cell phone number - and immediately send a text with your website URL and other info - that way, your number is directly and immediately saved in their phone. The advantage of this method is that we actually do tend to listen and actually care about who we talk to - we don't want to give away our numbers to everyone we meet and so we have to be more selective and thus we listen more. We are more present. The people we meet also feel us listening more and so feel more cared for.

For example, yesterday, I met somebody at the Entrepreneeur section of Barnes & Noble standing right next to me. So, I naturally asked him - "Are you an entrepreneur too?" He replied, "Yes, I am just starting out." And so we started talking. He felt my presence and my attentiveness so much that at some point, he said, "I wish I could give you something." I said, "You mean, like a business card?" He replied, "Yes." So, I replied, "That's ok. I don't carry business cards myself. I just use the phone. Because, people throw away business cards anyway and the info is not really saved. I just get the phone number and text my info." He smiled and said, "That's smart." So, I said, "What's your number?" He told me his number, and as I was saving it, I asked if it was his cell phone number and of course it was. So, I just texted this site URL and also my other one: http://WhyAreYouSoLovable.Com

And oh, at some point, I also told him:  If you can make your business card remarkable or memorable, now that's a different story!

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